Hello everyone, this is a poem that is collecting dust on my old website from back in 2016, so I’ve decided to bring it back to Riice!

The Poem is about this black box, that I am trapped within and I can’t escape. The poem tells the story.

Black box.

Imagine, being trapped.
Being suffocated by non-achievements,
I want this to end.

The box gets smaller and smaller with every disappointment,
I’m trapped.

Grow up, grow up, Grow up.
Stop feeling this way.
The voices emanated from the box.

The rumbling sounds of doubt and anxiety hit the walls
Of this very small black box.

As time ticks on,
I get older.
I should be getting wiser.
I don’t want to grow up.
It’s hard.

I’m being comforted,
I’m pushing them away,
It upsets them.
I keep trying to end my life.

It’s hard, It’s hard.
People I hate won’t shut up,
They make this black box smaller,

I hate it.


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