Why TWICE really improve my mood!

Twice, what can I say about these beautiful girls who always bring happiness, there’s just something about their enthusiasm that makes me feel incredibly happy, they make me FEEL SPECIAL! I know KPOP is widely talked about and some people are absolutely sick of hearing about KPOP, but when I tell you that TWICE, really do improve my mood. More often I can have such a shitty day, I could honestly feel suicidal, so I take a couple of minutes out of my day to sit on my sofa or bed and binge Twice’s songs.

I often also binge TWICE meme videos, they are absolutely hilarious and people who create them really know how to impress! RXYN on YouTube always creates these videos about reality shows but most of the time put subtle Twice videos in there, absolutely hilarious. I love it. Check out RXYN on YouTube, and thank me later! 🙂

I was watching the Mama 2019 music awards and seeing that Twice have won some AMAZING awards and they deserve them all of them – It was kind of gutting to hear that Twice didn’t win SOTY (Song of the Year) For Fancy, however, huge congratulations to BTS for winning both SOTY and also artist of the year. Some people are a bit mad about BTS winning all these awards, some are even calling it rigged, what do you think?


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