Living with Emotional Dysregulation Disorder, what is it and how do I cope?

I wrote a blog post for the Mental Health foundation of my story. Check it out, I’ll post the story on here, but not the full one!

My recent diagnosis

I was recently diagnosed and I’m currently in the process of accessing support. I’ve been feeling super low since December of last year, and it’s been taking a while to get the right treatment. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been looking at coping mechanisms to help me overcome my relapses.


The medication I take makes me extremely tired, but it does help me keep my anxiety and suicidal thoughts at bay.

Understanding how I feel

Understanding how I feel sometimes makes the situation much worse. I could be sitting at home on my phone and an issue arises between friends and when an event like that occurs my emotions can change dramatically.

A symptom of this can be perceiving a situation to be worse than it is. I find whenever a situation occurs I can either feel very suicidal, low, anxious or angry.

Emotional dysregulation disorder to me feels as if my emotions are stuck on a chart and won’t come down unless I use my coping mechanisms to help.

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