How I’m coping with COVID-19.

It’s been awhile since I blogged. I’ve been focusing on my podcast and I’ve also been streaming too – with the outbreak of the virus, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, I’ve also tried to stay in a daily routine. I’m used to not going out due to my ongoing battle with anxiety. Now, with the virus about I haven’t really been out for my exercise, I’m taking this seriously and SO SHOULD YOU! I’ve been observing people who aren’t really taking this seriously. Well you should, they’ve broken lockdown rules, having people over, not self distancing – this is no holiday. IT’S SERIOUS!

I’m happy to be with family, I’m not sure how I would feel if I were sitting at home with my own dark thoughts. How do you feel?

On a normal weekly basis, I’d see my support workers, and not being able to see them is putting a downer on my mood, however, some of them have still been calling me daily, checking up on me.

I’ve been thinking way too much about my future, and it’s frustrating that I don’t have the ability or knowledge or even help to get into that field of work. I want to be a presenter.

Mixer streaming has also become a hobby of mine, I’m quite enjoying it. Although Mixer is a platform that needs some thought to it. It’s hard to get recognized on the platform. Read more about Anxiety and streaming on Mixer.

I’m thankful to be able to watch streamers like Chrissi Spark and Wee Claire, they keep me occupied and also their communities are all so welcoming and they also check up on me too.


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