Streaming has been my number one stop to discuss and talk about mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic – I’ve found having a voice on a big platform like Twitch is important, especially talking about a subject that needs to be talked about.

I started streaming back in December of 2019 – and since then, I’ve met and communicated with a lot of people who are a part of my mini community, “Club Smol” Smol meaning small – we’re a small community but we always encourage open discussions of Mental Health. I’m very talkative when It comes to talking about how I feel that day, I find it easier to talk about how I’m feeling with my community, and so can others. Others can enter the chat with a depressed, sad or even angry mentality and hopefully leave feeling better, I have resources available to my community which gives information to crisis lines that are helpful.

My stream and brand is built around positiveness, relaxing times and happy mental well being. I can be a little down due to some issues that may have occurred that day, but thanks to those people who come in and they also share their experiences, it can lift a lot from your shoulders. 

Not only is gaming also an important part of streaming, so Is chatting to your community and viewers who specifically come into your stream to watch YOU and to appreciate your content.

I’ve mentioned “community” a lot, and It’s important, because they’re here, and they’re able to listen to you, like you can listen to them. Starting out on Twitch can be quite daunting on someone’s mental health, It did and still does – there’s positives and negatives to streaming on Twitch, for me, there’s this constant pressure on checking my numbers, and worrying about my content being the best it can ever be. 

Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout is my go to game to play at the moment – I’ve been playing that A LOT on stream, and I’ve been enjoying it so much, that’s a positive game you can play with your community, jump into a voice call and have as much fun as you possibly can. Try and win that crown! 

Positiveness, and good vibes only.


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