About Riice

Riice is a blog created by Rhys Smart. It’s important to showcase the brilliance of how reading other peoples stories can inspire other people to make change in their life, Mental Health is such an important topic that needs to be addressed more throughout the world, Riice is a blog in which people can read and relate to posts regarding Mental Health. Korean Pop music has became main stream in today media, there’s nothing more uplifting than hearing Korean Pop. It links to the topic of Mental Health, it has helped me control and enjoy my life. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% but I’ll get there! Enjoy your stay. Get in touch if you have a story to share: mh.support@rhyssmart.co.uk


My friends helped create the world Riice. Friends and also some customer service agents who hadn’t seen or heard the spelling of “Rhys” before often referred to me as Riice. It kind of stuck and that’s how the name Riice was created. 

That would have to be Zoe Sugg and her beautiful site Zoella. It’s lovely. It kind of inspired the design too. Check her out here.

Hello, I’m Rhys. I am a BloggerPodcaster and KPOP enthusiast from Dudley, West Midlands. My podcast, called: Mentally Obsessed – Is a podcast about my current obsessions, I also discuss and talk to various celebrities who relate to my current obsessions. I have interviewed people such as: Patty MattsonTaylor GrayJellyzaur, Laura Post, Loremaster Aasil and Danielle McRae.  I like to also discuss my ongoing mental health illness on my blog called “Riice”. I have also written for the Mental Health foundation explaining my emotional dysregulation disorder. 

Yes! Give me an email at hello@rhyssmart.co.uk. All email’s are read however, can’t guarantee a reply back.  

Yes! For more information on advertising please e-mail business@rhyssmart.co.uk.